Pastor Paul Harris

Interim Pastor
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Paula Harris is the Interim Pastor at Luther Memorial, since November 2017.  She has served both large and small churches; in cities and small towns.  Each one is lovely in it’s own unique way because God gives us gifts to love and serve our neighbors.  Her most recent call was Interim Senior Pastor at Church of the Resurrection, Pewaukee (ELCA).  Before her Interim call, Pastor Paula served several Episcopal congregations…. she is ordained in the Episcopal church, and on loan to the South Central Synod of the ELCA to serve as an Interim Pastor.  Our two denominations share and trade pastors, because we believe so many things in common.  Before ordination, Paula was a nonprofit conference director for a huge mission conference for college students (and the contemporary music fans among you will want to know, that the conference had a seriously good band, videos, and even music videos.)    Pastor Paula’s beloved spouse is  a chaplain.  They have two college kids, a son soon to graduate from UW Oshkosh and a daughter in New Orleans.   If you’d like to be in touch, call the church office or write an email.

Jennifer Schlaiss

Office Administrator
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Jennifer Schlaiss is the part-time Office Administrator at Luther Memorial since 2004. She is also the owner of a small marketing business providing design services, mailing lists and mailing services, as well as printing of marketing materials. On the side, Jennifer also makes photo keepsake quilts. You may contact Jennifer at the church office (262) 728-6482 or send an email.